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Bandar CemeThanks to Iceman for the heads up.

An early morning Twitter post from local social media star Russ (a.k.a. @ParkRat) revealed the tell-tale presence of production trailers near Kahala Mall. It was a modest, interior shoot, so there were few details. But those few details are still worth pondering.

A visiting fan followed RussΓÇÖ clue to a residential street just off Kilauea Ave. All the magic was happening inside a plain looking home. But two actors were seen coming and going from the set: Michael Emerson (Ben) and Jon Gries (Roger Linus, BenΓÇÖs father). Later in the day, Tania Raymonde (Alex) was spotted.

ThereΓÇÖs no telling exactly where and when the scene was set, but the visiting fan was able to overhear one tantalizing line of dialogue for Roger Linus, as referenced by the script supervisor:

ΓÇ£This is not the life I wanted for you, Ben.ΓÇ¥

Whatever BenΓÇÖs been up to, mixing with students and teachers in a high school, it sounds like heΓÇÖs still disappointing his dad.

Source: Full Report @ Hawaii Blog

Lost – Episode 6.09 – Casting Call

Bandar Ceme OnlineUpdate: 12th Nov A few other details. Produced by Jean Higgins. Shoot Dates: 20th November – 9th December. No director attached yet.

Any guess as to whose Episode this might be?

[ISABELLA] Latina, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Strong sense of self and adores her husband. Devout Catholic who is battling a long-term illness…GUEST STAR.

[FATHER SUAREZ] Latino, 50s to 60s, fluent in Spanish. A well educated, old school Catholic priest who is stern and has an inflexible opinion of right and wrong…VERY NICE CO-STAR, POSSIBLE GUEST STAR.

[JONAS WHITFIELD] Early to mid 30s; English; must speak with authentic accent. HeΓÇÖs crisp and his bearing is of a British military officer. Athletic and agile, heΓÇÖs worked hard to rise up the corporate ladder and make something of himself. He believes in survival of the fittest…GUEST STAR.

[DOCTOR] Latino, 40s-50s, fluent in Spanish. Sophisticated, wealthy, and a somewhat mercenary upper-class doctor who has an imperious bedside manner but knows his stuff…NICE CO-STAR.

[IGNACIO] Latino, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Poor, religious and street smart. On the wrong side of the law but only because heΓÇÖs a victim of his circumstances… NICE CO-STAR.
Source: DarkUFO

Lost Filming Snippets

Bandar CemeHere are some little filming snippets from one of our spies on the set, Celestial Beauty.

Dark- This is what I managed to find out on the set I visiting during the filming at the High School Last Week. You already have a few bits of this but here goes.

– At the school, Alex (Tania Raymonde) is actually a student at this school where Ben is a teacher. She is still “close” to Ben.
– Also spotted at the school are both boom boom Doc Arzt and Rose! No signed of Bernard
– One of the new guests that you posted, William Atherton, was on the set. He is actually the Principle of the school, however I’ll leave you with this cryptic snippet. Although he is the principle, that may not actually be his only role!
– Locke and Ben both work at the School

Source: Celestial Beauty@DarkUFO

Lost Poster 13 Reveal At Spin Ny

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to Nicole for the heads up on this. I’m not sure if this was an officially sanctioned video from ABC or not.

Hi Dark, I was just taking a look at the Barracks Round Up post over on and they have a video which was taken at the reveal. At the end of the video there are a few fast pictures.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw him was: “Is this the new Dogen character?”

Lost Args

Episode 6X08 Recon – Sawyer And Charlotte Meet!?

Bandar CemeUpdate: 11:25 We’ve just posted some as of yet unconfirmed extra details from inside the shoot itself here.

Here is a very interesting filming update from our good friend Ryan in Hawaii who received a nice little set report from a visiting fan named Damian. Apparently the scene took place at an upscale restaurant (Diamond Head Grill), which is in Waikiki and not too far from the Diamond Head Studios.

Several well dressed extras were a part of the shoot along with stars Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Rebecca Mader (Charlotte). I remember when we interviewed Mader on the ODI LOST podcast I believe she said that Josh was awesome and she would love to work with him again. I guess it looks like she got her wish!

I really wonder if we are still in an ALT storyline or there is some connection to Sawyer and Charlotte we never knew about?

Here is a snippet from Ryan’s report:

Josh Holloway (Sawyer) was spotted, looking quite handsome, wearing black pants and a purple shirt. But his companion was an even more striking sight, in a colorful evening dress: Rebecca Mader (Charlotte).

There is not too much more because it was an indoor shoot, but you can view the full report here: Hawaii Blog

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Mark Pellegrino Confirms Season 6 Return

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to for the heads up on this interview with Mark Pellegrino who confirms that he will be in multiple episodes this season.

Lost is one of the most complex and dense series ever produced. Having stepped into the show so late in The Game, with your first appearance in the fifth-season finale, “The Incident,” how much do you need to understand the Lost universe in order to play a character as enigmatic as Jacob?
My wife can usually know the end of a movie from the beginning. She knew within five minutes that Bruce Willis was dead in The Sixth Sense. Very annoying sometimes. And she doesn’t even know what it means yet or where everything is going in Lost. And that’s the beauty of that show. They always surprise ya. Since I’m not quite as clever as her — when the ring rolled across the floor, so did my jaw — I prefer to be on a need-to-know basis. I know what I need in the scene and how I feel about it. And that’s it, although I occasionally get an ominous hint or two…which I can’t reveal.

How much have (Lost writers-producers) Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk and the guys told you about Jacob? And to your thinking, who — or what — the hell is this guy?
On this account I can say very little. The things I do know, I am sorry to say, will be revealed at a later date.

We tried. Let’s go at it this way. How many episodes can we expect to see you in? And what are the chances you’ll be around long enough to appear in the series finale?
There will be a number. But the amount and placement are locked away in a safe, deep in a cave in Diamond Head.

Source: Full Interview@Popstar

Episode 6X08 Recon – Another Small Filming Update

Menang CemeOnce again the crew was busy in downtown Honolulu and our good friend Ryan has the details via a few fan reports.

Today, was a setting for an LAPD Police station once again involving Josh Holloway (Sawyer), but today Ken Leung (Miles) was also on set along with someone named “Liam”.

Could this be the return of Charlie’s brother Liam!?

Also according to Ryan, “there was no word on how the scenes were unfolding, but crew chatter suggested two apparent settings: the police station, and a locker room.”

Source: Hawaii Blog
Posted By: The ODI

Damon Lindelof Interview At Paramount’s Dvd Launch Party For Star Trek

Bandar CemeThanks to Stegrelo for the heads up. Nothing much new I’m afraid.

Unexpected dish from ‘Lost’ creator Damon Lindelof falls like manna from heaven.

You never know when it’s coming. When it does, you have all the answers you were seeking. Such was the case in Hollywood at Paramount’s DVD launch party for ‘Star Trek,’ which Lindelof produced with his old ‘Lost’ friend J.J. Abrams.

“We have written 112 episodes, with about 9 more to go. We have come this far, so just trying not to screw it up,” Lindelof told AOL at the ‘Star Trek’ event. “We really want the focus in the last year to be on the original castaways that we have been following since the beginning. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a couple new flavors in the m├⌐lange. There are a couple new faces, but not as many as there have been in past seasons.”

Those new faces will include John Hawkes (of ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Eastbound and Down’) as Lennon, a scruffy and charismatic foreign corporate spokesperson, and a cunning negotiator, wielding more influence than someone in his position should. They also include Sheila Kelley, best known from ‘LA Law,’ as Kendall, an intellectual beauty with a sharp edge to her wit who is caught committing corporate espionage and has to lie her way out.

A variety of several former cast members — including Ian Somerhalder, Dominic Monaghan and Elizabeth Mitchell ΓÇô have been confirmed to make return appearances.

“Obviously, we have 18 hours over which to do the ending. I feel we have found the right pace,” Lindelof continued. “You only have so much room in your stomach to eat, and you have to digest sometimes too. So we’re trying to modulate the season so it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting, getting little meals, then you get one big meal. It’s a flow of courses. You will probably get a little more than you were expecting a little sooner than you were expecting.”

Since ‘Lost’s’ premiere in 2004, the show has gone through five seasons of metaphors, islands sinking, smoke monsters, The Others, and walking dead men. Its simpulan season begins reportedly in January. Now that the end is here, it feels “amazing,” Lindelof says.

“I can’t believe we’re going to be able to end the show on our own terms,” he says. “To be able to cancel something yourself is a rare treat in the TV biz. And there are no excuses. We get to do the ending on our own terms, and hopefully people will like it.”

More ‘Lost’ dish came from Lindelof to other outlets:

To E! Online: “The questions that count will be answered, and the questions that the fans don’t want answered won’t be answered, but I think what they’re looking for is a real sense of resolution, particularly on a character level. Who’s going to live, who’s going to die, who’s going to hook up with who, why were they all brought here in the first place, was it arbitrary, is there meaning behind it? That’s the kind of stuff [we] have to answer, or [we] should be prepared to get rocks thrown at [us].”

To TV Guide Magazine: “All I can say is that we’ve spent the last five years answering the question, ‘Were you guys making it up as you go along?’ ‘Do you know what you’re doing?’ It’s a great comfort to know that in about six months people will stop asking us that question. They’ll basically say ‘You were making it up as you go along,’ or they’ll go ‘Wow, you really had a plan.'”

Lindelof also said: “What we don’t want to do … is explain what our intention was. At a certain point, it doesn’t matter what our intention was, and we want the fans to vigorously debate certain aspects of the show. Some things will be very conclusive, other things people will think are more conclusive than we meant them and some will be more ambiguous than we meant them, but it wouldn’t be Lost if five years from now people weren’t still arguing over what they wanted it to be.”

Source: AOLTV