Lost Episode 6.08 – Recon – Filming Details

Menang CemeUpdate: 20th Nov Thanks to my source who wanted to clarify something from their earlier post.

alerted me to the fact that I said Sawyer wanted on the boat and that I made it sound like they wanted on the boat that took Charlotte and the other people to the island. This is not the case, and they made it seem like a completely different vessel in a different timeframe than the boat Charlotte and the others used to get to the island.

We recently posted this in the rumours section but today I can confirm this as legit from a number of others sources.

The scene is actually very boring but it’s overtones tell you where they are going with the show. Sawyer is working with someone on the telephone. He gets up from the table and uses the restroom and receives instructions from the person on the phone. Sawyer is playing the redhead Charlotte because he knows she has been on the island. Sawyer runs his usual con but Charlotte doesn’t bite. She senses Sawyer is trying to play her and she calls him on it. Sawyer tells her the truth and about him knowing she was on the island as a child and this entire thing connects back to Charles Widmore. Sawyer wants “on the boat”, and the man he is talking to on the phone seems to be in charge of Sawyer. That’s about it. Nothing to exciting.

Other small stuff

Sawyer is dressed very nice as is Charlotte.
When Sawyer uses the phone he says he is going to the restroom but he just walks into a little hallway near the restroom
Sawyer picked her up earlier in the day and charmed her (this is referred to)
Sawyer knew exactly what Charlotte would want to eat and drink and this raises red flags for her
Charlotte keeps looking at an asian man in the restaurant and Sawyer notices this. This is when they quickly walk out of the restaurant together.
We were told they were filming a fight scene later in the day at another location.with Sawyer in the scene with the Asian man

Source: NardDogDeluxe@DarkUFO