Lost Season 6 – Episode Guide

Bandar CemeHere is a summary of all the known and confirmed informasi we have for each of the episodes. This page will updated as we get new informasi in. Please note that we have a lot of spoilers that we’re not sure which episode they belong to currently and as such they have not been included below. They will be updated accordingly when we can assign them to an episode. If you notice any mistakes to know of any spoilers posted that we should assign to specific episodes please leave us a message in the comments below. You locate this page by clicking on Promotional Photos



Guest List
L. Scott Caldwell as Rose, Katey Sagal as Helen, Billy Ray Gallion as Randy, Suzanne Krull as Lynn Karnoff, Kenton Duty as teenage boy, Eddie L. Cavett as courier and Joshua Smith as school kid.

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Casting News
[TEENAGE BOY] CAUCASIAN, 12-14. Dirty blond hair. Wise beyond his years. He’s got intense, searching eyes. He’s dealt with a horrible family accident. Even at a young age, he has been put in charge of something very important, and it weighs heavily on his shoulders. RECURRING GUEST STAR.