Short Interview With Michael Emerson

Menang CemeThanks to Annie for the heads up.

Having survived the experience again – this was his second win in four career nominations – Emerson returned to Hawaii in August to shoot the sixth and jawaban season of “Lost.” Though he confirms that completed episodes are “very dark and bloody,” he’s able to offer little about where the plot is going.

“I thought I would be able to see the ending that was coming, but I can’t,” he says of the series finale. “It’s still so opaque.”

Nor does he have any idea how the character will evolve, though he can guarantee Ben will never veer toward monotony. “I’ve had some vintage Ben stuff already, in the great tradition of Ben Linus manipulating a turnaround or surprising the audience. And there’s lots of that this season.”

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Lost Episode 6.08 – Recon – Filming Details

Menang CemeUpdate: 20th Nov Thanks to my source who wanted to clarify something from their earlier post.

alerted me to the fact that I said Sawyer wanted on the boat and that I made it sound like they wanted on the boat that took Charlotte and the other people to the island. This is not the case, and they made it seem like a completely different vessel in a different timeframe than the boat Charlotte and the others used to get to the island.

We recently posted this in the rumours section but today I can confirm this as legit from a number of others sources.

The scene is actually very boring but it’s overtones tell you where they are going with the show. Sawyer is working with someone on the telephone. He gets up from the table and uses the restroom and receives instructions from the person on the phone. Sawyer is playing the redhead Charlotte because he knows she has been on the island. Sawyer runs his usual con but Charlotte doesn’t bite. She senses Sawyer is trying to play her and she calls him on it. Sawyer tells her the truth and about him knowing she was on the island as a child and this entire thing connects back to Charles Widmore. Sawyer wants “on the boat”, and the man he is talking to on the phone seems to be in charge of Sawyer. That’s about it. Nothing to exciting.

Other small stuff

Sawyer is dressed very nice as is Charlotte.
When Sawyer uses the phone he says he is going to the restroom but he just walks into a little hallway near the restroom
Sawyer picked her up earlier in the day and charmed her (this is referred to)
Sawyer knew exactly what Charlotte would want to eat and drink and this raises red flags for her
Charlotte keeps looking at an asian man in the restaurant and Sawyer notices this. This is when they quickly walk out of the restaurant together.
We were told they were filming a fight scene later in the day at another location.with Sawyer in the scene with the Asian man

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Filming Update – Main Characters Spotted In Others Gear (Updated)

Bandar Cemethe comments section on the post on my ODI site:

I can confirm these people: Sawyer, Sayid, Locke, Kate, Jin, Cindy (all decked out in Others gear), and a whole bunch of Others, including some kids

Juliette was not there, at least while i was there anyway, I watched from about 12:30 till they wrapped around 4. on my way up to the set i found out that they had stopped for lunch, there were a bunch of Others walking down in their gear, (at least 20 of them) I got a picture with Terry O’Quinn. Sheila Kelly was there, but she wasnt shooting, she was just watching, she’s gonna be in the next episode. I talked to her, I asked her if she was gonna play Kendall and she just looked at me, grinned slightly and said she wasn’t allowed to say. As far as details of the shoot, I couldnt really hear anything, people kept rolling by and taking pictures, which the crew hates by the way. So they kept pushing people back further away.

UPDATE: Apparently the woman spotted was not Kate

Hey All,
Earlier today we got word that the LOST cast and crew were filming at the majestic Manoa Falls.

Lucky for us and some lucky fans who happened to be on a tour of the area near the falls and spotted the filming today.

No word on what was taking place, but confirmed on set were Sawyer, Kate a blond woman and Sayid. Maybe a continuation of Episode 6×08 Recon but of course with on-island scenes.

Hopefully we might get more details so keep checking back for more!

The confirmation is via a fan on Twitter and there are several tweets between the eye witness and other LOST fans confirming who was on set.

Here are the Tweets thanks to @LaSuaLuna on Twitter

Source: The ODI

Latest From Kristin – 23Rd Nov

Bandar Ceme OnlineJasonBuskin via Twitter: Lost premiere is Groundhog Day. Coincidence?
Nope! I’m told it was fully intentional. Not so much by Lost’s producers but by the higher-ups (Steve McPherson) at ABC. Pretty awesome, right?

Annie B.: I don’t care about alt Lost where Sawyer and Kate apparently do cross paths. Do you have any isu about Sawyer/Kate on the Island, or are they doomed in the present time line (with Suliet and Jate still going strong)?
I know Team Darlton referred to “killing off” Juliet in their latest interview with People, but you’ve probably figured out by now that we’ll see her alive somehow, which my source confirms. Hence, her guest spots in a few episodes on the sixth season.

Darrell in New Jersey: It’s almost December already! Lost, please!
Honestly, guys, I’m so freaking confused right now because my rock-solid source is telling me two things that seem to contradict each other. I know most of you have heard about the “alt Lost” this season (see question above), and so have I. But I’m also told that the thing that I’m pretty sure needs to happen for “alt Lost” to happen does not happen. So until I know more (hopefully soon), I’m keeping my mouth shut and sending a magical little Pac-Man head to come and eat all the words I just wrote. Go, Pac-Man, go! Quick! In the meantime, if you have any good theories, post ’em below, will ya?

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