Lost – Episode 6.09 – Casting Call

Bandar Ceme OnlineUpdate: 12th Nov A few other details. Produced by Jean Higgins. Shoot Dates: 20th November – 9th December. No director attached yet.

Any guess as to whose Episode this might be?

[ISABELLA] Latina, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Strong sense of self and adores her husband. Devout Catholic who is battling a long-term illness…GUEST STAR.

[FATHER SUAREZ] Latino, 50s to 60s, fluent in Spanish. A well educated, old school Catholic priest who is stern and has an inflexible opinion of right and wrong…VERY NICE CO-STAR, POSSIBLE GUEST STAR.

[JONAS WHITFIELD] Early to mid 30s; English; must speak with authentic accent. HeΓÇÖs crisp and his bearing is of a British military officer. Athletic and agile, heΓÇÖs worked hard to rise up the corporate ladder and make something of himself. He believes in survival of the fittest…GUEST STAR.

[DOCTOR] Latino, 40s-50s, fluent in Spanish. Sophisticated, wealthy, and a somewhat mercenary upper-class doctor who has an imperious bedside manner but knows his stuff…NICE CO-STAR.

[IGNACIO] Latino, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Poor, religious and street smart. On the wrong side of the law but only because heΓÇÖs a victim of his circumstances… NICE CO-STAR.
Source: DarkUFO