Damon Lindelof Interview At Paramount’s Dvd Launch Party For Star Trek

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Unexpected dish from ‘Lost’ creator Damon Lindelof falls like manna from heaven.

You never know when it’s coming. When it does, you have all the answers you were seeking. Such was the case in Hollywood at Paramount’s DVD launch party for ‘Star Trek,’ which Lindelof produced with his old ‘Lost’ friend J.J. Abrams.

“We have written 112 episodes, with about 9 more to go. We have come this far, so just trying not to screw it up,” Lindelof told AOL at the ‘Star Trek’ event. “We really want the focus in the last year to be on the original castaways that we have been following since the beginning. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a couple new flavors in the m├⌐lange. There are a couple new faces, but not as many as there have been in past seasons.”

Those new faces will include John Hawkes (of ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Eastbound and Down’) as Lennon, a scruffy and charismatic foreign corporate spokesperson, and a cunning negotiator, wielding more influence than someone in his position should. They also include Sheila Kelley, best known from ‘LA Law,’ as Kendall, an intellectual beauty with a sharp edge to her wit who is caught committing corporate espionage and has to lie her way out.

A variety of several former cast members — including Ian Somerhalder, Dominic Monaghan and Elizabeth Mitchell ΓÇô have been confirmed to make return appearances.

“Obviously, we have 18 hours over which to do the ending. I feel we have found the right pace,” Lindelof continued. “You only have so much room in your stomach to eat, and you have to digest sometimes too. So we’re trying to modulate the season so it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting, getting little meals, then you get one big meal. It’s a flow of courses. You will probably get a little more than you were expecting a little sooner than you were expecting.”

Since ‘Lost’s’ premiere in 2004, the show has gone through five seasons of metaphors, islands sinking, smoke monsters, The Others, and walking dead men. Its simpulan season begins reportedly in January. Now that the end is here, it feels “amazing,” Lindelof says.

“I can’t believe we’re going to be able to end the show on our own terms,” he says. “To be able to cancel something yourself is a rare treat in the TV biz. And there are no excuses. We get to do the ending on our own terms, and hopefully people will like it.”

More ‘Lost’ dish came from Lindelof to other outlets:

To E! Online: “The questions that count will be answered, and the questions that the fans don’t want answered won’t be answered, but I think what they’re looking for is a real sense of resolution, particularly on a character level. Who’s going to live, who’s going to die, who’s going to hook up with who, why were they all brought here in the first place, was it arbitrary, is there meaning behind it? That’s the kind of stuff [we] have to answer, or [we] should be prepared to get rocks thrown at [us].”

To TV Guide Magazine: “All I can say is that we’ve spent the last five years answering the question, ‘Were you guys making it up as you go along?’ ‘Do you know what you’re doing?’ It’s a great comfort to know that in about six months people will stop asking us that question. They’ll basically say ‘You were making it up as you go along,’ or they’ll go ‘Wow, you really had a plan.'”

Lindelof also said: “What we don’t want to do … is explain what our intention was. At a certain point, it doesn’t matter what our intention was, and we want the fans to vigorously debate certain aspects of the show. Some things will be very conclusive, other things people will think are more conclusive than we meant them and some will be more ambiguous than we meant them, but it wouldn’t be Lost if five years from now people weren’t still arguing over what they wanted it to be.”

Source: AOLTV

Season 6 Status Report From Doc Jensen

Menang CemeNothing much we didn’t already know but a good read.

Based only on isu released or confirmed by the producers. While you won’t find any spoilerific ”Transmissions” here, I encourage anyone who has endeavored to remain deliberately ignorant about Lost 6.0 to skip over the next several paragraphs.

What we know? Lost began production in August and just finished shooting the eighth episode of its 16-episode, 18-hour season, which includes a two-hour premiere and a two-hour finale. The title of the first episode: ”LA X.” At Comic-Con last July, exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof showed three short videos ΓÇö a Mr. Cluck’s commercial with millionaire Hurley, an America’s Most Wanted segment about fugitive Kate, and an Oceanic Airlines ad touting its spotless safety record ΓÇö that contained details that deviated from established continuity. Did Juliet succeed in changing history by detonating Jughead in the Dharma Initiative past? The producers say: That’s exactly the question we should be asking. (I’ll have more thoughts in this issue in the READER MAIL section.)

Who’s in, who’s out… Emilie de Ravin’s maybe-dead Claire ΓÇö last seen haunting Kate’s dreams and hanging with Ghost Christian in Jacob’s shack ΓÇö rejoins the narrative in a big way after going MIA last season. A number of certifiably deceased characters will be making seemingly inexplicable return appearances this coming season, including Charlie (Dominic Monaghan, now of FlashForward), Boone (Ian Somerhalder, now of The Vampire Diaries), and birthday-ambiguous Charlotte (Rebecca Mader, who can currently be seen in The Men Who Stare At Goats). The producers also recently told my colleague Dan Snierson that Juliet is indeed toes up ΓÇö but actress Elizabeth Mitchell will materialize at least twice during the simpulan sweep of episodes. (Let’s take a moment and shoot furious eye darts of blazing indignation at her new show, V, for completely letting Mitchell down with mediocre material.) Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) has been promoted to series regular. Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond Hume, will not be a series regular this season, but it’s believed we haven’t seen the last of the ex-Hatchman.

…and who’s new: Hiroyuki Sanada, a popular Japanese actor who worked with Matthew Fox in Speed Racer, has been cast as a character named Dogen. (New Lost Philosopher Reference Alert! Dogen Zenji was a fabled Zen Buddhist teacher.) John Hawkes (Deadwood) has been cast as Lennon, whose name has me humming ”Imagine” while painfully recalling that time in high school when I took a test about Russian history and I got docked one full grade for consistently misspelling ”Lenin” as ”Lennon.” Damn the corrupting mind virus that is the Beatles! Other familiar faces/names scheduled to appear this season: Sheila Kelley (L.A. Law, Sisters) and William Atherton, the always-entertaining character actor who specializes in playing… well, a–holes.

What’s next? Possibly very little. Team Lost would like to keep as much of season 6 under wraps as possible ΓÇö even down to keeping ABC’s promotional campaign free of any season 6 imagery. We’ll see if this plan holds. Examples of other hotly anticipated pop culture that considered ΓÇö then reconsidered ΓÇö ”No Advertising” gambits: Star Wars: Episode 1 ΓÇö The Phantom Menace and James Cameron’s Avatar. In both cases, the producers and the studio (Fox) decided that remaining secretive would only further stoke already unrealistic expectations. However, movies and TV shows have very different concerns. Moreover, the very premise of Lost’s simpulan season (i.e., will the story take place in a rebooted or non-rebooted time line?) is itself a massive spoiler. And regardless: I don’t think anyone who has stuck with this show for this long really needs any more wind up for the saga’s climactic act.

Source: Full Article @ EW