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Bandar CemeThanks to Iceman for the heads up.

An early morning Twitter post from local social media star Russ (a.k.a. @ParkRat) revealed the tell-tale presence of production trailers near Kahala Mall. It was a modest, interior shoot, so there were few details. But those few details are still worth pondering.

A visiting fan followed RussΓÇÖ clue to a residential street just off Kilauea Ave. All the magic was happening inside a plain looking home. But two actors were seen coming and going from the set: Michael Emerson (Ben) and Jon Gries (Roger Linus, BenΓÇÖs father). Later in the day, Tania Raymonde (Alex) was spotted.

ThereΓÇÖs no telling exactly where and when the scene was set, but the visiting fan was able to overhear one tantalizing line of dialogue for Roger Linus, as referenced by the script supervisor:

ΓÇ£This is not the life I wanted for you, Ben.ΓÇ¥

Whatever BenΓÇÖs been up to, mixing with students and teachers in a high school, it sounds like heΓÇÖs still disappointing his dad.

Source: Full Report @ Hawaii Blog

Lost Filming Snippets

Bandar CemeHere are some little filming snippets from one of our spies on the set, Celestial Beauty.

Dark- This is what I managed to find out on the set I visiting during the filming at the High School Last Week. You already have a few bits of this but here goes.

– At the school, Alex (Tania Raymonde) is actually a student at this school where Ben is a teacher. She is still “close” to Ben.
– Also spotted at the school are both boom boom Doc Arzt and Rose! No signed of Bernard
– One of the new guests that you posted, William Atherton, was on the set. He is actually the Principle of the school, however I’ll leave you with this cryptic snippet. Although he is the principle, that may not actually be his only role!
– Locke and Ben both work at the School

Source: Celestial Beauty@DarkUFO